Face Lift

It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, and is often used as a synonym for facial plastic surgery!

This procedure is used to permanently regenerate and tighten loose and sagging facial skin, which obtains a youthful, lively and fresh appearance.

Pre-operative tests are carried out following the assessment of the patient's health condition and the selection of the type of anaesthesia to be used. It is highly recommended to discontinue antiplatelet therapy (anticoagulants such as: Aspirin) in agreement with the physician who prescribed it, and smokers are recommended to refrain from smoking at least 2 weeks before the procedure.

Anaesthesia – the procedure is completely painless, and it is performed under the so-called tumescent local anaesthesia with sedation.The procedure takes about 3 hours. Together with the eliminating of the excess loose skin, we tighten the SMAS (Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System) muscle in order to obtain long-term results. After a few hours' rest with ice packs applied to the treated area so as to avoid swelling and bruises, the patient can leave the Polyclinic with the written post-operative instructions.

The bandage is changed after approximately 24 hours, when the hair is washed and the initial bandage is removed. It is recommended to wear a facelift compression garment for one week after the procedure, and after that only by night for the next three weeks. The skin is sewn with the absorbable suture, which does not require a follow-up visit for suture removal. The patient can return to his or her daily activities within 8-10 days after the procedure.



Facelifting - Before and After Examples:

Facelifting: prije tretmana Facelifting: poslije tretmana

Facelifting: prije tretmana Facelifting: poslije tretmana

Facelifting: prije tretmana Facelifting: poslije tretmana

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