Breast reduction and lifting by fat suction and laser lipolysis

Breast reduction and lifting is one of the largest operations in aesthetic surgery. In accordance with the trend towards less invasive procedures in aesthetic surgery, Dr Duško Maletić has developed a new method of breast reduction and lifting which was presented by the Maletić family clinic at one of the largest congresses of aesthetic medicine in Paris in 2018.

Prior to this type of surgery, it is necessary to make an ultrasound scan of the breasts, in some cases also mammography and magnetic resonance, to rule out possible breast disease and to determine the amount of fat tissue, compared to glandular tissue in the breasts.

Breast lifting and reduction with liposuction and laser lipolysis can be performed in general anaesthesia or local tumescent anaesthesia. Before the procedure, of course, the health status of the patient must be assessed.

In this procedure, small, approximately 3mm openings are cut in the breasts through which the cannulas are inserted. In this way, the necessary liquid is supplied, as well as the liposuction cannulas and the laser fibre. The laser dissolves excess fat tissue, which is then removed from the breast by a vibrating liposuction cannula. The laser also acts on the skin tightening it and thus lifting the breast. After the procedure a special bra must be worn for several weeks.

Within the next three months after surgery, the fat tissue will further degrade and the skin additionally tighten. If there still should be any excess skin left after that, another operation can be performed in which the excess skin is removed. If an adequate indication for liposuction and laser lipolysis is made, this second operation is usually unnecessary.

Breast reduction and lifting by liposuction and laser lipolysis is a new method that leaves no marks in the form of large scars on the breast, thus avoiding difficulties with later breastfeeding. Also, there is no loss of sensitivity of the nipple and the recovery time after operation is significantly shorter and easier compared to the conventional method.

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