Liposuction is a method where by a means of a negative pressure, the so-called aspiration, subcutaneous adipose tissue is permanently removed using cannulas.

In the recent 30-40 years the technology has improved rapidly. Today, the adipose tissue is prepared by inserting a special fluid into the tissue which breaks it down (Hydroliposuction – Wet, in contrast with the previous, so-called Dry Liposuction), assisted by laser (Laser-Assisted Lipoplasty – LAL ), with the purpose of achieving lipolysis (fat melting) and obtaining a tightened skin after the procedure (skin tightening). The extraction of fat is performed using fine cannulas which vibrate (called Power-Assisted Lipoplasty –PAL ) thus improving the efficiency and reducing the duration of the procedure.

Depending on the size of the site (or several sites), the procedure can be performed under the so-called tumescent fluid. Thus, a special solution diluted with an anesthetic is injected into the adipose tissue (by needles or a specialized pump). The solution contains one anaesthetic which acts rapidly, and another one with the prolonged action, as well as the medication for the constriction of blood vessels, which reduces bleeding.

In case of large adipose tissue deposits, or more sites to be treated, the procedure is performed under the spinal or general anaesthesia.

The procedure is preceded by the health condition assessment required for the particular type of anaesthesia. Following the procedure, the patient remains at the post-anaesthesia recovery unit. The patient is required to wear the protective corset for the following several weeks 24 hours a day.

The final results can be visible after some 3-4 months, depending on the laser activity. In this period, the fibrosis scarring after the procedure will be healed, and it will be possible to determine how much the skin retracted to its new volume.

The eventual contour deformities can be solved by Liposhifting. It uses an ultrasonic serrated probe, which removes the adipose tissue from the sites which have it in excess. Nothing is taken out from the tissue, but the corset is placed so that the free particles of the adipose tissue flow into the contour irregularity folds by compression (dr. Zya Sylan, dr. Blugerman).

Polyclinic Maletić: Breast augmentation, vein surgery, hair transplantation, liposuction
 dr. Maletić, dr. Blugerman

Polyclinic Maletić: Breast augmentation, vein surgery, hair transplantation, liposuction
 dr. Piere Fournier, dr. Maletić

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