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Mr. sc. Duško Maletić, M.D.,surgical specialist since 1984 and urology specialist since 1988, with more than 30 years of surgical experience, is the author of several professional medical publications in the areas of Medicine in which he specialized.
Except for being recognized among his colleagues as the author of these publications, mr. sc. Duško Maletić, M.D. is also an active educator in the above-mentioned areas, and he runs educational courses for his colleagues from all over Europe several times a year.


1. Cosmetic Surgery and Treatments - Examples from Practice and Possibilities: Maletić, Edition 2014

Cosmetic Surgery and TreatmentsThis book is the third, expanded edition of our publications on aesthetic surgery and treatments. The authors are Dr Duško Maletić, MD, Dr Ines Maletić, MD and Dr Ana Maletić, MD.

Along with cosmetic surgery, readers are introduced to less invasive procedures, such as the application of lasers, radio frequency waves, wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, etc. In addition to the descriptions of procedures, preparations for certain procedures and the recovery process, the book contains numerous examples - with images - of patients before and after treatment at Dr Maletić’s Clinic.

ONLINE BOOK - Croatian

2. Atlas of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures: Maletić, released 2009th

Atlas of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures: MaletićIn the book called THE ATLAS OF COSMETIC SURGERY PROCEDURES, written by dr. Duško Maletić M.D. and dr. Ines Maletić M.D., the owners of Dr. Maletić Polyclinic, you can find information about cosmetic procedures performed at the Polyclinic.
All the procedures are accompanied by drawings, which are used to describe the techniques applied in each procedure in a clear way.
If you want to see the Atlas table of contents click here.

3. Cosmetic Surgery: Maletić, released 2001st

Estetska kirurgija - Poliklinika MaletićDr.sc. Maletić, M.D. and Ines Maletić, M.D. have been working together as an effective team for years. The professional devotion and enthusiasm have been driving them in meeting ever more demanding standards they have been applying in their work. This publication is the result of all that.

Illustrated with carefully selected photographs, this book represents an intelligible and comprehesible compendium, which provides answers to the fundamental questions about cosmetic surgery procedures.

The authors are guiding us throughout the book explaining the basic concepts, giving us insight into the secrets of the professional terminology and clearly describing the procedures which are common in the contemporary cosmetic surgery.  

4. Important for Men: dr. Maletić, released 2001st

Važno za muškarce - Poliklinika MaletićDr.sc. Duško Maletić M.D., wrote this book, in collaboration with his colleagues, which addresses the most common problems in men after age 40.

The book recommends various treatments for men, if they want to get rid of an aesthetic defect or a health problem.

The first part of the book addresses male menopause, which lasts between 5 and 15 years, and the second part deals with the surgery in general, and the cosmetic surgery with the photographs of the 20 most common cosmetic surgery procedures among men.

5. Cosmetic Surgery – Practical examples and possibilities: dr. Maletić, released 2004th

Primjeri iz estetske kirurgije - Poliklinika MaletićThis book, written by dr.sc. Duško Maletić M.D., will certainly be of help to the people who are self-critical and aware of the time as an irrefutable factor in our lives, which affects our outward appearance. 

It will help readers expand their horizons in health education and perchance to recognize their defects or a potential future satisfaction in case they decide to undergo a particular cosmetic procedure.
The authors are guiding us throughout the book and by interpreting the basic concepts they are giving us insight into the professional terminology, clearly describing the procedures which are common in the contemporary cosmetic surgery. At the same time, they are describing in detail the procedures of admission into the hospital, administrative requirements, type of laboratory processing which is a prerequisite for surgical procedures, the selecting of anaesthesia, the course of the procedure, and in the end they are frankly exposing the treatment of potential complications.

6. The FUE method hair transplantation: dr. Maletić, released 2013th

Transplantacija kose FUE metodom - Poliklinika Maletić

With regards to the efforts taken for centuries to try to slow down hair loss, that is to restore its growth, great attention should be paid when addressing this issue.

Many people who want to permanently solve the issue of hair loss and alopecia, should find the answers to their questions in this book written by dr.sc. Duško Maletić, who describes each step of the treatment in detail, while dr. med. Ana Maletić M.D. is successfully performing the procedure.

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