Transplantation of endogenous adipose tissue

After the method of liposuction was developed, new ways and possibilities opened up which it indirectly offers. It proved to be an excellent method to enlarge specific parts of the body and to fill up locations where fat is lacking with one’s own fat tissue. In order to allow as many fat cells as possible to survive after being removed from the body by liposuction, the fat tissue is separated from the local anaesthetic and blood by centrifugation or simply by deposit-decanting. In this way, cells of adipose tissue are less traumatized and a greater number of cells survive. After the adipose tissue is separated from the local anaesthetic and blood, it is sucked into syringes and injected into the locations where volume must be increased. It is not advisable to inject adipose tissue with needles, but with cannulas whose tips are rounded and the openings are arranged laterally. The use of special instruments reduces the possibility of causing damage and complications from injuries to the vascular local system. In the process of injecting the prepared fat tissue always a greater quantity than actually needed is injected, because a large part of the fat cells is soon absorbed - this means that the fat material which has not connected to the bloodstream in its new position is decomposed. To make the result permanent, the procedure should be repeated after three to four months. In this way we get great results.

The most common donor regions from which the cells are taken are the abdominal wall and the thighs - inside and outside.

Fat tissue is also used to fill up the cheeks (malar region). It is also possible to fill deep wrinkles - for example, the nasolabial fold that runs from the nostril to the corner of the mouth. With the enlargement of the malar region one gets the effect of the so-called baby cheeks; it is a volumetric lifting, so that with increasing volume of the malar area at the same time the tissue above the nasolabial fold and the jaw line is tightened. The body's fat is also often used for lip enlargement.

The dorsal part of the hand can also be padded with fat and rejuvenated – combined with radiofrequency and laser treatments, the results are excellent. With fat tissue, the breast, the gluteal region, the lower legs and more can be enlarged. Also, in sexual surgery, the transplantation of fat tissue is increasingly used both in the enlargement of the labia major, as well as in the thickening of the penis.

The quality of the donor region is very important for the adipose tissue transplantation. Those fat cells that connect to the local microcirculation at their new location will stay in that area forever. This is certainly the most natural way to enlarge individual body parts. Adipose tissue transplantation may be performed under local anaesthesia or under general anaesthesia, depending on the size of the treated area.

If the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, the patient is discharged immediately after surgery. If the patient was under general anaesthesia, he is discharged after a short recovery period.

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