Removal of stretch marks by laser

Stretch marks are defects or cracks on the skin, which appear due to rapid growth and extension of the skin. There are also genetic predispositions for the development of stretch marks. Usually they appear at the time of puberty, pregnancy and fattening in the area of the breasts, shoulders, upper arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Firstly, the stretch marks are red due to rupture of capillaries in the skin and to rapid skin extension, and with the time they become white. The only method of complete removal of stretch marks is surgery – the excision of the part of the skin on which there are the stretch marks. This is only possible if there is a surplus of skin, but a scar remains after the intervention.

By laser treatment stretch marks can be reduced and become almost invisible. For a period of ten days before the treatment the patients are advised to avoid sun exposure of the regions which will be treated. The intervention itself is painless, and anaesthesia is not needed. Firstly, the stretch marks are treated by Nd:YAG laser which warms and tightens the skin and supports the elastin and collagen production. After that, the stretch marks are treated by the Er:YAG fractional laser which removes the upper skin layer and helps the skin to rejuvenate. In case the patient feels pricking during treatment, we apply a special device which blows cold air and thus cools the region treated by the laser. The treated regions can be red and mildly swollen for five to seven days after treatment. The treated regions should be spared from sun exposure for a period of one month after treatment.

Usually, the treatment should be repeated two to three times in one-month intervals. Depending on the depth and the initial intensity of the stretch marks they become much smoother and are barely visible.

Removal of stretch marks by laser - Before and After Examples

Poliklinika Maletić: Povećanje grudi,operacija vena, presađivanje kose, liposukcija
Poliklinika Maletić: Povećanje grudi,operacija vena, presađivanje kose, liposukcija

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