Transplantation of the beard and moustache by the FUE method

Many branches have developed in aesthetic surgery – one of the more recent and increasingly popular is the transplantation of hair in the area of the chin. Chin can be the recipient of hair from the neck or another part of the face. Hair can also be transplanted from other parts of the body.

As it is customary to perceive the beard and moustache as symbols of manliness and marked parts of the face, they largely contribute to the overall impression of the male face. Throughout the history beard and moustache were seen as symbols of power and wisdom. This is the reason why we have an increased number of men who desire to undergo transplantation of hair in the area of the chin.

There can be several reasons for the lack of growth of hair on the chin: insufficient natural denseness, inflammations, scars after an operation, earlier traumas, burns, scar alopecia.

Before the transplantation it is necessary to exclude several specific causes for loss of hair such as stress, inflammation or some organ disease. Before the intervention it is necessary to interview the patient and make a detailed check­up, and mark the regions into which the hair will be transplanted. After that the remainder of our team does the pre­operative procedure.

For two weeks before the intervention the intake of drugs which stimulate bleeding should be avoided, alcohol should not be consumed for five days prior, and coffee and tea at for least two days prior to the transplantation.

The intervention is completely painless – all the patient feels is the application of local anaesthesia.

We take follicular units usually from the occipital part of the scalp. If we wish to cover a scar on the beard or moustache it is best to take follicles with hairs from the other side of the neck or face, depending on the position of the scar. The characteristic feature of the FUE method is that hairs, i.e. follicular units are taken individually, one by one, with a special instrument which is not greater than one millimetre in diameter. This procedure is necessary, because each cut greater than one millimetre would leave visible scars in the donor region. Thanks to this method, there are no scars. The next step is to implant follicular units with special microsurgical instruments into the desired area. The patient can go home the same day following the intervention. Our advice is to abstain from sports for approximately ten days, to avoid major physical activity and to treat the donor and receiving region for seven days with a special spray. We also warn the patient of the natural course of events – after approx. ten days the hairs fall out of transplanted follicular units, and in 14 to 32 weeks the new hair growth can be expected.

Whether the intervention will be repeated depends on the desires of the patient, i.e. whether he desires a beard or moustache of greater or lesser density. The results which we achieve by this method are excellent – there are no scars, and the appearance of the beard and moustache is natural and corresponds to the desires of the patient.

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