Penile Lengthening and Thickening

The Penile lengthening procedure is performed in cases of a Micropenis, with the penis in the relaxed state having the length of less than 4 cm, and less than 7 cm in erection. The procedure can be performed for a larger-size penis, if required.

The Penile elongation (lengthening) procedure is usually performed under general or spinal anaesthesia, and health condition assessment is carried out in accordance with the type of anaesthesia to be used.

At the root of the penis, a so-called V-Y incision is made, resembling the Mercedes-Benz symbol which is sewn back after the suspensory ligament is cut. The scar is hidden in the pubic hair area.

Following the recovery from anaesthesia, patients can go home. They are advised to rest for the next few days, and to refrain from sexual intercourse or masturbation for the following several weeks. The threads will be absorbed within the body.

In this way, the elongation of up to 2-2,5 cm can be achieved.

If Penile Girth Augmentation (thickening) is required, Lipofilling is performed, which is the filling of the penis envelope with the autologous adipose tissue. Since the body can recognize its own fat, a part of the tissue will be absorbed, and a part that has connected with the blood circulation will remain. Refilling is usually performed within 3-4 months following the original procedure, producing long-term results. It can be thickened by up to 4 – 5 mm in radius.



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